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Best Practices in the Use of Video in Teaching and Learning. Workshop. March 30, 2011

I. Christa Currie – Recording PowerPoint Lectures

Presentation Highlights:


– snow days, conferences, blended format (16 weeks ½ in class, have distance learning)

– produce audio recorded PowerPoints for the online component


– Avoid recording a “new” lecture

– Think about what you record (What can be presented in this format?; What should be done F2F?; Basic information; Avoid topics that require utilizing several concepts; Length)

– Give yourself lots of time

– Don’t be too hard on yourself


– need a headset with a microphone

– in PowerPoint go to Slide show> Record Narration>Set microphone level record for each slide (slide by slide) or a whole lecture Re-record or edit for any slide without changing the rest.

– Timings? – depends on lecture material. (Chista often doesn’t use timings because of stopping to do activities.)


II. Charles Kronke Videotaping Lectures

Presentation Highlights:

– Economics as an Accelerated Course

– there is always material I won’t cover in class

simple videos cover the issues not covered in class

Chris Boland helped with recording

then posted on the video server on blackboard

– also useful if students miss class

– small chunks

– Feedback -students liked it

– Charles asked students to take notes on the videos

– can also track students’ views on Blackboard

nothing different – just lecture like normal

– except video lectures and demos are more compressed

– students then can take their time to re-watch


III. Chris Boland – Video Support for Teaching and Learning

Presentation Highlights:

– Equipment

– Production

– Streaming

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